Wednesday, April 30

hi all my beautiful bloggers

I am currently in Boston and weridly, apartment shopping in Charlston. 
I am thinking about moving here if the fashion industry is doing well here.

And even more weird...
I haven't bought anything!! I am pretty proud
considering I have to live in Italy this summer...

suchhhh good photography coming.
I am really excited to show you all.
Check back Friday. I will be home temporarily 
before heading off to Michigan for the weekend.


one more thing...put up A to Zoe the book by Rachel Zoe on ebay


Ana said...

cant wait for the photography

August said...

Before you move on to your next life, I'm tagging you. I just posted my own tag with the details on my blog.
I've enjoyed reading your posts!

Caroline said...

hiii thank you august! i will do it as son as i get back. i've been tagged by quite a few people, so i will make it a project. hah!

Secret Agent said...

You sound angry that you're going to Italy. I'd love to go with you to make your "aurgh" a "YIPPEEE!".

Caroline said...

no no no you misunderstood me. i'm saying argghh because of the exchange rate, and i can't afford to leave my dorm room. hahaha