Friday, May 2

photography from Boston!

{all photos taken by me}

I've discovered that old men are quite possibly
my favorite thing to take photos of.
(along with babies!)
They always make fun remarks and start up a good conversation.
Boston was a blast, minus the bus breaking down
at 4am this morning when we were 2 hours away from our destination.

On another note, I have been tagged by The Fancier and Fashion Fanatic
Thought I would take the time to do this fun little survay.

1. I am a health nut. I try to work out everyday for an hour, and I eat as healthy as I can. For the most part, I'm vegetarian.
2. I bite my nails when I get anxious. I HATE it.
3. I still watch cartoons from time to time. My family makes fun of me...
4. I can't bring myself to drink regular pop. It grosses me out.
6. I keep my ibook extremely clean. I hate when there are marks all over it and finger prints, etc. It's a compulsion. ahaha

5 Things:
5 things in my bag: camera, video camera, pen, car keys, wallet..much much more. I haven't unpacked.
5 things in my purse: recent Teen Vogue issue, chapstick, pens, keys, and some change.
5 things in my room: a desk load of old magazines, jewelry, a fluffy comforter, clothes, shoes.
5 things I've always wanted to do: sky dive (how unoriginal), spend all day in a book store, stay in a $5,000 a night hotel room, learn more than italian (preferably a scandinavian language, maybe french), be on a TV show....werid.
5 things I'm currently into: vegan foods..we'll see how it goes. health food stores, romanic inspired clothing, tea, and ethnic jewelry. 


Secrets & Tea said...

Lovely photos. I love elderly men as well. They tell the best stories, and are usually very kind and respectful. Hard to find that nowadays :)

Anonymous said...

what camera do you use?

Caroline said...

I currently use a canon digital rebel. I sometime use my dads Nikon D80, but these were taken with mine.

Anonymous said...

gorgeous photography, you definately have a gift.

Sam said...

amazing photos! i love the first one.
old people are so fun!

August said...

How do you keep your ibook clean because I sure as heck cannot?!

missie.eng said...

Best sentences in blogging that I've read in ages: "I've discovered that old men are quite possibly
my favorite thing to take photos of.
(along with babies!)" Hahaha!

I really like the second picture. Looking at it totally makes me start writing an interior monologue for him, telling his life story.

Anonymous said...

old people are precious : )