Monday, April 21

I thought I would play around with my new dress
and come up with some options.
I have tons of amazing ideas,
but a  lot of my clothes are at home now
since school is almost over.

I also got to put these lacy socks to work! 
My mom gave them to me knowing I could put them to use
and I think they are a fun twist to regular socks you see with heels.

I also put more on ebay, and there is tons to come.
Click each link to place a bid!


LML said...

cool dress! love the 2nd look :)

LeWak said...

those socks remin dme of my childhood

Raining Hats and Clogs said...

you have such great style! i love the second outfit best! you also pull of socks and heels so well... jealous.

Anonymous said...

those outfits are great but i don't like the socks very much.

stacyinsaddleshoes said...

your mom has great style.I love those little white look adorable in them.I love wearing them too.I hope you wear them again in some of your photos.