Wednesday, April 23

what I wore today + BNB

khaki romper via ebay.
gotta run! so much to do I don't even have time to write.


Appeal to the Eye said...

hei ciao caroline
sono verena
t diro
non é uno streetblog italiano é principalmente su barcellona, dove vivo, ma quando torno a casa ne aprofitto per avere alcuni shoot da la


The Stylish Wanderer said...

love your gladiators. Its kinda an awkward picture, but it reminds me of the romper from gap.

Sugar Pop said...

i like the romper! it kidn of reminds me of the whole safari theme going on around Old Navy, but...way cooler. like the outfits from yesterday too!

style.street said...

lovely shoes.

NewlyInspired said...

Cute rompeer! I love those things, so comfy!

Nay'Chelle said...

I love your romper! I really wan t one but haven't been abl to find hte perfect one.

P.S.: I tagged you for the 6 quriks survey! check out my blog for the details.

Secret Agent said...

Cool shoes.