Thursday, June 5

photo post (Italia estate-2007)

I had the time of my life last summer.
Between "cafe latte fredde", Zara, and our Italian boys
my friends and I created some amazing memories.
This post is a celebration of 22 day count down until I leave
for another amazing summer.

Sorry for the lack of recent posts. I've just been catching up
on sleep, not wearing anything too interesting.



DAIDE said...

Veramente belle le foto.

Ash1314 said...

6th picture...I WANT THE HAIR!!! beautiful!

The Seeker said...

beautiful pictures, some intriguing.

Have a nice weekend.

annabananna said...

beautiful pictures, indeed!

Sugar Pop said...

those are BEAUTIFUL pictures. you're so pretty! those heels were really cool too.

1234 said...

wow...what great photos!!!

belle.chantelle said...

that is one gorgeous braid
i lovez the hair, lovez it!

Secret Agent said...

Wow, beautiful photos.

Anonymous said...

italia, here we come. round two!!! :)

Anonymous said...

aww looks like you had so much fun! im super jealous