Sunday, July 27

full of surprises

This weekend was full of fun things.
The beach, new friends, and plenty of dancing.
I'm pretty much running on no sleep right now.

Alright, more "new purchases" exept its all jewelry.
The jewelry here in Italy is always stunning. Between the market place (have to be careful, it can be sketchy) 
and little shops with hand made designs, I am always finding something I am convinced I have to have.
These are a few of my favorite finds. 

What is it with me and elephants? I just couldn't resist.


Jessica said...

ahhh! i love the elephant earrings. =D

Your'e So Fetch! said...

Those feather earings are killer. I recently bought some peacock ones from an indian swapmeet I went so. So great.

Nadia said...

those last feather earrings are so cool!

Mikkle said...

those feather earrings are awesome! all great finds! hope you are having fun!

Alex said...

i love first one:))
also i love your bikini from La Spezia (why i never asked about it :( ?). From where you have it? it`s perfect.

lara said...

the elephant and feather earrings are great !! And so summery I think :)

juniJULI said...

wow. il like your blog...=)
your blog is the first blog fom Italy that i know. I live in Italy too. in bolzano...=)
Do you know other italian fashion blogs?

whis you a nice day.

Caroline said...

you're all so nice!

Alex-the suit is from jcrew! not sure if it is online anymore, but you can check!

junijuli-thank you! i actually don't know any others, which is so disappointed. I was I lived here permanently so I could get more street style and what not.

Ida said...

WOW! I am a sucker for earrings, and those pictures aren't helping. I am in love with all of them, and the ring is so exquisite and beautiful.

{this is glamorous} said...

The little feather ones are splendid.