Sunday, August 17



new boots! oh, and they are wonderful.
they are quite possibly the most comfortable thing in my entire closet.
I can't get enough of them.

but big news!
Turns out I'll be in New York City for Fashion Week!!
What happened was my mom surpised me last night with tickets for an early 18th birthday present.
I literally started crying. It was so werid because I was looking up tickets to go the exact days she has planned!
They are smaller shows, all couture. I still can't believe I'm typing this...

anyways, if you all want to share the love and tell me where to be to shop, it's always appriciated!

I can't stop saying it...


Lisa said...

lovely boots chica. hot hot hot. What's sexier than black boots?

YAYAYAYA for NYFW! It is incredible. I was there last year & it was insane.I also just got back from a 2 month internship there... so I have HEAPS of shopping tips + places!

I am so excited for you.

tip of the iceberg:

opening ceremony ( SOHO, they stock ACNE- love), UNIQLO (SOHO), Pippin ( AN amazing vintage jewlery store that YOU WILL LOVE! SO cheap + so cute in Chelsea- 17th street between 6th & 7th ave, ), Rags-a-go-go ( vintage, 14th street between 7th & 8th), Resurrection (vintage + SOHO), Marc by Marc store + his cheap-o plastics store ( Bleecker street), Barneys CO-OP ( they sometimes have good sales, 18th street)OH & OF course TOPSHOP will be open when you are there! woot woot.

Now those are only a few! Let me know if you want anymore info on anything at all- places to eat, see, etc...

happy planning. I am so excited for you. I have a passion for the city!!!

Have a glorious, blissful Sunday!


Fashionistadiary said...

oh wow! ny is so amazing! lucky you. i think i will be going at the end of sept too. cant wait! love the boots, they look really comfy and ever so soft!! xo

alia said...

that's awesome! so what dates will you be there?

The Seeker said...

Great boots!
And lucky girl!! NYFW!!!!
Enjoy every minute ;)


Lisa said...

oh no :( I thought you were going in FEB for the F/W!!

TS doesn't open until mid of OCT.

so sorry girl. oh man. Now I feel horrible.

BUT I am sure you will make it there after it has opened! A reason to go back already.

sorry again. enjoy the rest of your Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Oh my god! You're so lucky!! I probably would have fainted haha. You'll have to make sure you blog all about it for those of us stuck at home :)

P.S. That DIY necklace you made is amazing. I think I may have to try one myself...

1234 said...

omg so lucky!! thats so exciting. which shows are you seeing? you must report back with details girl!

makemoremistakes said...

Oh you are so so so luckyyyy! I would love if you would email me fashion pics. yay yay! And what days will you be in NYC, because if I am still there we could maybe meet up for a day of shopping maybe? ;)


Wendy said...

You lucky lady! Have fun and buy lots of lovely things!

alia said...

YES i will be in school then! i leave this saturday =)


Dear Stylish Caroline

thank you for visiting Style and the City - Paris
if i am paid to go to NY fashion week, I'll be more than pleased to go there
i am not rich enough to go my myself

i will do the Paris fashion week of course and this time the London fashion week as well.
Come to Paris some day and you'll come every year ! lol

if you need to use some of my photos , be my guest Caroline.
i'll be glad to switch link if you want.
mine is written like in google : STYLE AND THE CITY . COM - PARIS

cheers from Paris stylish girl


emily said...

I WANT THOSE BOOTS! and i want to go to nyc!

Richel said...

Have fun in New York! It seems like you're always traveling! I really like your top.

Juliet said...


Are you kidding me? Take sooo many photos for us that aren't THAT lucky.

Your mom is PURE GOLD, you know?

juliet xxx

Ashleigh said...

Likin' the boots ;) xx

Caroline said...
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Caroline said...

hey everyone! thanks so much.
juliet-I KNOW, ISN'T SHE? i seriously was so shocked.

style and the city- ah man! i was hoping you were going to be around. I want to come to paris in October terribly.

makemoremistakes- who knows! i'm going to be running around a ton, but if you see me, feel free to stop me and say hello! maybe we can plan something if I turn out to not be so busy.

fashion herald said...

what a great mom, she read your mind!
looks like you're all covered for soho, I have to say Macy's herald square because it's iconic and huge, Bergdorf's because it's all luxury and there's nothing like it, Barney's, of course! and hit some of the small boutiques in Williamsburg - Bedford and driggs, but email if you think you'd be going over there - i'll give you more specifics. But check out, always has ny sample sales and boutique info.

Anonymous said...

Lucky girl, your mum is so lovely :) Enjoy Fashion shows !!!!

PS : Your boots look like mine, easy to wear, easy to associate.