Friday, August 15

first day on the job.


I spent yesterday with my mom doing some much needed retail therapy.
Nothing insane (minus a Chanel coat, oh my) but I did find this hat at h&m that I can't get enough of.
I just wish I could wear it for longer periods of time. It was in the low 70's this morning
and it got warmer as the day went on. oh well.

Today was my first day on the job! It went really well.
I wish I could say I wore something incredible for my first day to document,
but I wasn't really sure what was ahead of me so I played it safe with a basic skirt/top combo.
I did get to put on some incredible jewelry when I got there though.
It is actually required to wear the jewelry. 
You can't even imagine...


Lisa said...

very AW and loving it.

jewlery + job = greatness.

ah. I need that hat! It is "winter" here and that would be perfect but alas. no h & m. or zara or anything to the like!

happy weekend girl.

Miranda said...

that hat is very alexander wang :) looks really comfy too haha

StrikeMatch said...

You look great I really like the shoes and boots combo!

Juliet said...

Ooh, that is cool !

juliet xxx

Lauen said...

interesting you call wearing a pair of cut-off denim shorts playing it safe?

Caroline said...

lauen- i actually didn't wear this to work. seperate story from the outfit. sorry if that wasn't clear!

Nay'Chelle said...

Amazing jewelry and top.

Ana said...

You look edgy/cool.
Stop by my blog

sunset said...

Your outfit is all love. Especially with the Alexander Wang-reminiscent presence of the beanie! :)

Thank you for your comment, also. Would you like to trade links?