Sunday, August 24

now on Flickr!


Good news! I set up a new Flickr account because I  somehow got locked out of my old one.
you can visit it here:  Pensare Ancora on Flickr.
Thanks for all of the motivation everyone! You all really keep me going.
This week is going to be a bit crazy. Hopefully I'll get enough time to update
but replying to comments may be a little slow, so sorry in advance!


Jenny H. said...

gorgeous photography.

that baby is adorable!

Soogie said...

there's a fly! why is it that the first thing i notice is a teenie weenie fly?


Kristina said...

Hey! I wanted to say thanks for your comment, but I must add that I love your blog, very inspirational!

amanda said...

lovely pictures

Ida said...

Awwwww, the baby is so precious! I love pictures of babies and kids as they don't pose, and are the most sincere persons you could ever photograph. Amazing work!

fashion herald said...

you've really got a great eye for composition.

Isa said...

Your photos are so beautiful. I do love the child's ones....

leila grace said...

i love love love love your photos! they are absolutley breathtaking! that little girl, how adorable!

those black and whites, goooorgeous!
my fav is the barn though, those lights hitting the hay and those shadows, ah *gush*.