Monday, December 15

Tea in Chicago, day 2


So, I thought I wasn't going to post while here, but I am.
Saturday is considered one of the best days of my life, hands down.
That's that.

Yesterday consisted of getting lunch at Bourgeois Pig and
then tea at Argo Tea. Shown in the photo is my Hibiscus Apple blend.
Yeah, hibiscus apple.

What I'm getting at is I've totally fallen in love with the city.
Today will be Skokie and Wicker Park with new friends!



Juliet said...

You have cool phone. Your skirt's cut is interesting.

juliet xxx

Elena said...

Very interesting mix of coulours and your shoes are trully amazing!

Lisa said...

marni's in the winter.
a true fashionista.

love the color combo.

enjoy beauty.


Connie said...

I love everything about your outfit! It brings cheer to droopy winter weather.

Ali said...

I really like your skirt!!
have fun there

alia said...

ah wicker park! me lovesss it haha i was just there at thanksgiving and couldn't get enough thrifting =) oh and Earwax Cafe is bomb, if you have time

Nadia said...

ahh, weren't your toes freezing in that weather?!
chicago looks seems like an amazing city!


oh those heels! marni?
and the skirt!
so jealous, (in a healthy way though)

looking fabulous
and that tea looks delish too


Raych said...

Who cares how cold your toes are?!?! Your Marnis are gooooooorgeous!

denise said...


Chrissy said...

I cannot get over your skirt! It is amazing, love.


Taghrid said...

caroline, give me some of that teaa!! yum

MEAGHAN!? said...

love the primary colours! skirt is amazing too.

Becca Jane said...

i am loving the yellow skirt and that fabulous blue scarf - so pretty!

May Kasahara said...

so funny - there is a bourgeois pig wine bar in nyc!

love the Marnis on you!

Bella said...

beautiful color combination!


kelsea said...

I LOVE CHICAGO. have fun!