Wednesday, December 17

Snow Globe.


Yesterday consisted of going to eating at Earwax Cafe,
walking around Wicker Park as it snowed, meeting up with Laurens friend
and going to the lake to see the gorgeous view as it snowed.
Well, the view would have been amazing had it not been -1000 degrees and
I was not dressed for the occasion.
After, we went to the sketchiest diner and had grilled cheese.

ps- I am going to learn how to knit so I can make this for myself


syd vicious said...

What a fun picture! I should learn how to knit too, it seems like a useful skill since you can make so many cute things.

alia said...


Jenna said...

So glad you're having a blast in Chicago, Caroline! Can't wait to "see" your adventures! ;)


Katie said...

cute pic! it makes me want to go outside and frolic

Lauren said...

who makes your boots?

May Kasahara said...

that photo is PERFECT. I love it ♥

Shay said...

haha, that's what it looks like where I live too. Looks like you had fun!

Elena said...

Awesome pic!

Becca Jane said...

this picture is adorable! I love that scarf fabulousness on etsy as well

Pretty Guide of Art said...

your photos are really beautiful, they are full of emotion!
see you

fashion herald said...

what an adorable picture! knitting is easy, esp. for scarves, etc. - a great project for the holidays. Get Vogue Knitting (the book) and it'll show you everything.