Thursday, February 12

parcels from Japan!


Imagine my shock when I got a slip in the mail saying I had to come 
pick up a parcel addressed to me shipped all the way from Japan! 
I then remembered my brother and sister were sending me a foreign birthday present.

They got me this amazing "insant photo" camera!!
I had to share. I am so excited to play with it.
Even the packaging was cool!

Sorry I've been so gone lately.
It has been 65 degrees here, so I've been livin' it up.

On another note, I am going on a road trip tomorrow!
I'll be traveling to southern Tennessee with a friend  for a long weekend.
Expect amazing photos soon!


Ashley said...

Aw it's so cute and tiny!
I love your blog =)

dirtydirtylaundry said...

Fun, funky fuji-film. Envyyyyyy (not that I need more cameras...)

Sunset said...

That camera is cute! Can't wait to see what you take with it :)

A. said...

It's gorgeous!! I love the shape!

Ida said...

What an awesome camera! I can't wait to see what it produces:)

Happy to know you are doing well and looking fantastic, Caroline! Sending loads of love your way


Hanako66 said...

what a cool looking camera

Brigadeiro said...

That is SO cool! Is it like a Polaroid?