Tuesday, December 30

What I Wore Today- i'm in a book !!


I'm so excited to announce the arrival of What I Wore Today!
I was contacted many months ago by the wonderful editor, Ellie, who wanted me to be apart of the book.
I recieved a few emails and comments from people who said they got their book and saw me in it.
I decided to run into Urban Outfitters, and to my delight, there it was!
Lauren and I flipped through and found a few pictures of myself and many other stylish ladies.

Be sure to pick one up! They are sold at most major book stores in the US, 
and Urban Outfitters in the US and UK.
You can also order it online here.

Does anyone have any special plans for welcoming the New Year?
I'm spending mine in comfy clothes. Most likely eating fondu and home made brownies.


lauren, said...

love the post, girl! so glad we found this together!!! :)

syd vicious said...

Oh my gosh, how exciting for you! I will keep an eye out for it next time I go to Urban Outfitters.

Secret Agent said...

That's so cool!

T-Shirt and Tails said...

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I'd love it if you could add me to your blog list!


VanessaFromMilan said...

uu your so lucky for the book!
are you still in italy?
ehi...i'm back...!!

Vintage Tea said...

Wow your so lucky! Congrats


Ashleigh said...

Lucky you! thats awesome...congrats

Imelda said...

That's so great for you! You deserve it, love your style!
The outfit you're wearing is beautifull, especially the skirt!

Jade said...

you look lovely, that skirt is beautiful.


...so proud of you! It pays to be stylish!!
~Sweeter+moreFabulous 2009 babe!!

Bella said...

Honey that's incredible... what an honor!
You rock!!!


Happy NYE!

Nice and Shiny said...

Wow, how cool is that!?
Congrats ,you deserve to be in that book girl!
Have a great new year! I've got no plans yet, save me some of them brownies!

Dara Katrina said...

you go girllll! Rock that page :)

Ariella said...

Gah, that's absolutely fantastic! I love what you wore in the book :)

Voodoo Child said...

Oh my goodness that's amazing! I'm so happy for you.

Becca Jane said...

seriously fantastic! That is beyond cool. Will have to check out that book!

i.d. said...

Happy New Year! I love that you celebrated with fondue and brownies. :)

Congrats on the book - that is seriously awesome! xx

LML said...

how awesome that you are in a book!!! i will have to look a it next time im in UO!


Juliet said...

Happy new year 2009!

Casey said...

Congrats! I work at Urban Outfitters and I was looking at this book and I got excited when I saw her. "Hey, I read her blog!!"
I hope you had a great NYE!

Sunset said...

Wow, that's frigging amazing! I guess if an accomplishment of your was to be published, it can be ticked off now!

Linnéa said...


SOS! said...

that's brilliant, congrats!!
and happy new year.
xx-LJ from SOS!

goa said...

absolutely a fantastic smile... making to wish delightful New Year celebrations.

Briana said...

hahahaha..... I was at Urban Outfitters last night in Savannah with Tiff B and Charissa and we got that book out and went up to people and were like, 'WE KNOW THIS GIRL!! WE KNOW HER! LIKE IN REAL LIFE WE KNOW HER!!' and they were like 'um, ok!'
it was fun =)

Taghrid said...

how great!! im gonna buy it just because you're in it :)

Kim Cuperus said...

Indeed, love the postcard!

Ahhhw, beautiful, I love your blog :D

Sabina said...

you're famous!

that lace skirt is so freakin great, dying for those boots!