Wednesday, April 8



Today I am wearing a jcrew blazer and scarf, Zara heels (little monsters), Kate Spade bag, and H&M dress and leggings.

I think my life has turned into chaos.
I secretly love it though.
Well, now that I am recovered from an awful case laryngitis, I am able to function and update everyone on what is going on!

*I quit my job
*I found a job
*got a haircut (considering temporarily mixing purple in there somewhere?)
*I am traveling every weekend this month:
April 10 - April 13: Tennessee
April 17-April 20: Chicago, IL
April 24-April 27: Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ
April 30-May 4: Maryland/Washington DC

if you are in the area, say hello! (and give me tips/ideas!)


Espia said...

que hermoso tu blog
me encanta
un beso nena

Marina Siero. said...

los zapatos son geniales. me encantan!

xx guapa

MySpecialStash said...

congrats on the new job! hope it's working out well for you. i'm obsessing over orange accessories and nautical blazers right now, and i absolutely LOVE this outfit! it really captures that april feeling, ya know?

Ellie said...

Way to go on the new job!!! Those boots are wicked!

Lauren said...

why so much traveling?

Caroline said...

Hi lauren! I'll be traveling to see friends and visit. no particular reason. I just bought tickets on a whim!

samantha kiel said...


Sunset said...

Wow those shoes are FIERCE! And how the heck did you find a job in these times? Honestly, I want your secret!

nikky said...


and yay for tennessee.
if you're going to be in the nashville area, i DEFINITELY recommend checking out hilsboro village. (it's a dream). if you need any other recs, lemme know!

Juliet said...

Those shoes are from an other world.

juliet xxx

Alex said...

i love shoes but cant find similar. Have lot of fun around USA:))

Annie said...

wow! I really like that outfit, especially the shoes! Um,. good luck with the purple, but a warning. My friends tryed it. I am now never dying my hair. Ever.

chantelle said...

Your Jcrew blazer is SICK!
AND omg... I have to start buying business clothes soon, since I'm probably going to be working at a bank next month. Haha, i'll pop by your blog for ideas!

tanya said...

those shoes...that blazer...I love it all!!

dapper kid said...

Loooove the shoes and your blazer looks fantastic!! Wow, have lots of fun with all the traveling dear! And I hope you're having a beautiful Easter :)

Abbey at MilkChildren said...

wow my. your shoes are to die for.
I love the way you put your outfits together.

xx Milkchildren

Bella said...

I adore the pop of color... but I can't help it, my eyes keep going straight to the shoes!

May Kasahara said...

the perfect blazer ♥

grace said...

great little monster shoes! hahah love them. remind me of the where the wild things are trailer

and chicago's awesome. if you like late night jazz, go to kingston mines. cool and smokey. and go to SHE, an awesome boutique.